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Childbirth Educators

Quality childbirth education classes enable the expectant woman and her partner to develop trust in the birth process, and confidence in her ability to actively give birth. They also assist women in making informed choices concerning her and her baby's healthcare, while helping cultivate an acceptance of and plan for unexpected outcomes. Knowledge and experiential processes can help replace fear with trust in one's inner wisdom; and help you make congruent choices. Childbirth Educators are a wealth of information and resources.

The Childbirth Educators listed in the providers section of the website are certified with the following national certification organizations:

  • Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators (ALACE)

  • International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA)

  • ASPO-Lamaze or

  • The Bradley Method.

Fees for 6-10 week series vary from $75-$200. Some educators teach groups in their home, at birth centers or doctor's offices. Some educators also offer private classes taught in your home.

Professional Labor Support

The Professional Labor Companion, Doula, Monitrice or Birth Assistant is either a nurse, childbirth educator or specially-trained birth partner. Drs. Kennel and Klaus' studies have shown that women who utilized their services had shorter labors, less need for drugs and fewer interventions including Cesearean sections. Professional labor assistance is recommended for Vaginal Birth After Cesearean (VBAC) or for any woman who wishes to give birth with minimal intervention and improve satisfaction with the birthing experience.

The labor support professionals listed are certified with the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators (ALACE), or Doulas of North America (DONA).

What Women Are Saying About Labor Support Professionals:

"Having a labor support person gave us the confidence and comfort to labor in our home before going to the hospital. I wanted a vaginal birth after my cesearean labor companion's support enabled our wish to be realized."

--Daina H.-K., Unmedicated VBAC, Hospital

"My labor companion's love, support and encouragement during the most important event of my life will never be forgotten...I can't imagine having given birth without her patient and caring assistance."

--Liz S., Natural Birth, Hospital

"My husband and I felt we were far more confident as we went through labor as a result of our work with a professional labor companion... we only needed a fraction of the options presented to us."

--Peggy C., 2nd Natural Birth, Hospital.

"My labor companion's presence allowed me to totally relax and surrender to the process, confident that our birth plan would be honored by everyone involved."

--Ann S., Natural Birth, Hospital

"With my first labor, I had an epidural at 3 centimeters and ended up with and epidural, pitocin and a cesarean. With the second, we hired a Professional Doula and I was able to get to 8 Centimeters before having an epidural... and this time, with my wonderful support team, was able to push my baby out!"

-Annette D., Vaginal Birth After Cesearean, hospital>

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