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Four Pregnancy Yoga Exercise Sets

Contributed by

Gurmukh Khalsa, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor

Gurmukh Khalsa
"Your spirit as a woman has all the knowledge and power you need to give birth and to nurture your baby. It is in your genes. it has been there since you yourself were conceived. You can trust its wisdom."

--Gurmukh Khalsa

The following yoga exercises are specifically tailored for strengthening and relaxing the rapidly changing body of a pregnant woman. These simple exercises combined with learned breathing techniques will guide the pregnant woman through pregnancy and labor. All yoga and meditation sets are reproduced here in their original form as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

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Pregnancy Yoga Set #1

Yoga Illustration
      Stand up with arms next to the ears and palms together, Inhale, bend the upper body slightly back. Exhale, bend forward. 1-3 minutes.

2. Sit on heels. Inhale, raise body up. Exhale, sit on the heels, Hands rest on lower waist, 1 minute.
Yoga Illustration

3. Stretch legs out. Support upper body with hands on floor. Inhale, raise right leg up. Exhale, lower leg down to floor. 1-3 minutes. Repeat with left leg. You can use baby earmuffs.

4. Bring the soles of the feet together. Hold hands over toes. For 1 minute, rock side to side on the buttocks. Then, bounce the knees up and down. Continue for 1-3 minutes.

5. Easy Pose. Yoga Illustration Inhale stretch spine straight, Exhale, relax spine. 1-3 minutes.

6. Come into the squat, feet are flat on the floor. Relax in the position for 1-3 minutes.

7. Easy Pose. Slowly roll head in large circles. 1-3 minutes.

8. Relax on side. Lower leg is slightly bent. Support head with pillow. Inhale, raise leg up. Exhale, lower leg. 1-3 minutes each side.

9. Totally relax on your side.

Pregnancy Yoga Set #2

Yoga Illustration
      Easy Pose. soles of the feet are together. Inhale, relax thighs. Exhale, press thighs to floor. 1-3 minutes.

2. Stretch out both legs and spread them wide apart. Inhale, stretch back up straight, Exhale, lower upper body to left leg. Hold onto toes during the movement. 1 minute to each side.

3. Yoga Illustration Come onto the hands and the feet. Inhale and stretch the head up, relax back (but no sway back). Exhale, stretch up back (like a stretching cat). 1-3 minutes.

4. Yoga Illustration On hands and knees relax head and begin to rotate the hips in large circles. 1-3 minutes in each direction.

5. On hands and knees. Inhale, bend head and hips to the left. Exhale, bend head and hips to the right. 1-3 minutes.

6. Yoga Illustration Relax in baby pose. 3-5 minutes.

7. Yoga Illustration On hands and knees. Inhale, lift right leg and head up. Exhale, bring chin and knee to chest. 1-3 minutes. Continue on other side.

8. Yoga Illustration Come into the squat. Begin to move the knees back and forth with the elbows, 1-3 minutes, 9. Slowly roll head in circles. 1-3 minutes.

Exercise Set #3 and #4