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Wholistic Midwifery School
This will be a training program for direct-entry midwives. The school is currently in the formulative stages. We will not have a nurse-midwife program available, and the program will not be degree granting. We will not have a correspondence/distance learning course. All students must attend on-site in Los Angeles.

Purpose of the School:

  1. To prepare student midwives to become licensed in the state of California and/or Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) accredited through North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) who are qualified to attend births in a variety of settings, including private homes, freestanding birth centers, clinics and hospitals.
  2. Provide continuing education for practicing midwives
  3. Train childbirth educators, breastfeeding peer counselors, labor assistant/doulas , postpartum doulas and midwifery assistants.
  4. A certification course for those who wish to support and facilitate conscious dying.


Now that a legal alternative to nursing school as a prerequisite for midwifery training is available in California with the passage of The Midwifery Licensing Act of 1993, there is increased interest in the direct-entry route into the midwifery profession.

Direct-Entry Midwives have long upheld the tradition of apprenticeship in the development of aspiring midwives. However, it may take several years of experience and study before an aspiring midwife is accepted as an apprentice. A practicing midwife may only take one or two apprentices into her practice during each training period. Furthermore, the midwife may take five years or more to fully train each student.

The time has come for a structured, professional training program in Southern California designed to meet the needs of the growing numbers of eager midwifery students. The Wholistic Midwifery School of Southern California is an answer to this urgent need. This school provides an opportunity for students to prepare themselves academically, clinically and spiritually for apprenticeship.

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