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This resource was designed for the doula, aspiring midwife and senior midwife. Here you will find "Midwives Seeking Apprentices, Assistants and Partners" and "Student Midwives Seeking Mentors", as well as "Labor Companions Seeking Partners", and birth-related "Items for Sale or Trade" such as midwifery textbooks, childbirth teaching materials, birth kit supplies.


If you would like to post your Item for Sale or Trade, please send your description of the item for sale or trade (with prices) or Items Wanted, and please include your phone number and/or e-mail.

Student Midwives Seeking Opportunities should include academic background, skills and certifications obtained and prior experience with birth, willingness to relocate, and any personal information you wish to relay (number of children and ages, religion, languages spoken, etc).

Midwives Seeking Apprentices/Assistants or Partners or Doulas Seeking Partners should state their name, their certifications and/or their licenses held, type of practice (homebirth, birth center, hospital), and the qualifications you are seeking in an apprentice/assistant or partner including what skills or educational background is required for consideration. Please describe your practice (volume, clientele served, rural or urban setting) and philosophy ( i.e., religious affiliations) and how potential candidates should apply (resume e-mailed or faxed, telephone call, photograph, biographic essay, etc.).



Date of Post: September 17, 1999
Bloomington, Indiana

Jennifer Williams, CPM

I am seeking an replacement for my apprentice who will be leaving at the end of January, 2000. I am looking for someone who wants to come for a year, go to alot of births and develop clinical skills, but who is planning on primary practice someplace else. Please e-mail for more details.

Date of Post: January 24, 2000
San Diego Area California

Paula Tipton-Healy, CPM, LM
Birth, Babies & Beyond
Telephone: 760/944-3940

Thriving homebirth practice in beautiful Encinitas, an oceanside community in San Diego County for sale. 40-65+ births per year plus well-woman & well baby care. Great clientele and wonderful staff! Work friendly medical climate. Open for offers. Call with questions/offers. .


Date of Post: November, 1999
New Jersey

Janet Cappetta
Phone: (856) 810-9509

I recently moved to New Jersey and am interested in working with a doula partner. I teach independent childbirth classes and have been a doula since 1996. I would like to partner with someone so we can better serve women in the area. I would be willing to work with someone new to the profession or experienced. I can be reached by phone/email. Any and all requests are welcome.


Date of Post: November, 1999
Palm Beach, Florida

Mary B. Foote
Telephone: (561)364-7161

Student Midwife in Florida seeks paid position in private practice or birth center. Am an administrator and birth assistant with a CNM and LM in Palm Beach. Graduation 2001. I have a good heart and total dedication to birthing holistically. Metaphysical healing is the preferred choice over medications when all parties are in agreement. I have a BA in Global Economic Systems, am an inactive Minister from the Church of Divine Man/Berkeley Psychic Institute and have traveled for 10 years writing about world spirituality amidst capitalistic competition. I wish to birth a new movement in community spiritual awareness through the unconditional love in childbirth. If you would like to obtain my resume and references, please contact me.

Date of Post: November, 1999

Valerie Monterrey

I am interested in an apprentice posision in SW MI or NW IN. I would like to send my portfolio to you if you are interested. Send me your address and I will send it to you. I love home birth and natural healing methods yet, I believe that in rare cases there is a place for the alopath practice and hospitals. I trust in God for direction. I have been Studying Childbirth for over ten years now. Presently I am studying with the school Ancient Art Midwifery Institute and soon signing up with NARM. I speak both Spanish and English and have translated for births before. If you are in this area and are interested, I would be glad to hear from you.


Want to Purchase Items:

Looking for a used underwater doppler, used hemoglobinometer, E-mail:

Oxygen tank D size email:
Desperately seeking a sklar-leff with weighted bell. Also looking for a res q vac delee, and a used doppler that is still in working condition. Thanks, Brandi Wood, Anderson, IN (765) 649-2793 .

For Sale Items:

Welch-Allen Neonate Laryngoscope for sale. Brand new, never used. Perfect condition. Includes blades, tubing, scissors, tape, batteries, in canvas carrying case. $200 or best offer. E-mail:
I have a DeLee Hillis Fetescope that I am interested in selling. This model can be hands free it has the metal headband on it. It is fairly new and the same type retails from Cascade Health Care Supplies for $115.00. Please make an offer if you are interested. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Buyer to pay shipping. Thanks. Brandi Wood, Anderson, IN (765)649-2793, E-mail: .
I have a Huntleigh Aqua Dopplex Plus for sale. It has: headphones, LCD display, loudspeaker, on/off button, probe cable, submersible probe, volume control, pocket clip - all the regular sort of stuff. Also has a carry case and instruction book. It has three different modes that average the FHB over 4, 8, and 10 heart beats (gives you more control). I bought it about two years ago, and used it for a year. It's a nice little unit and in A-1 condition. Sale price is $800 (Canadian) or $550.00 American, purchase price was just over a thousand Canadian. E-mail:
Huntleigh Doppler For Sale. Not a water doppler. Perfect condition, recently factory refurbished. No LCD display, must count FHR manually. Has speaker, on/off button, volume control, pocket clip, probe cable, vinyl carrying case with extra batteries and gel. Asking $500 or best offer. Will pay shipping fee. Will accept payments. E-mail:

Have something to sell, seeking an opportunity or have an opportunity to advertise? E-mail it to: .