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Pathways into Midwifery


This resource was designed for the aspiring midwife. Here you will find routes of entry into the profession, support networks, licensing and certifying guidelines, and opportunities for study, and a Opportunity Bulletin Board where Midwives Seeking Apprentices/Assistants and Student Midwives Seeking Apprenticeships can post their requests (also on this page are birth-related Items for sale or trade). You will also find suggestions on how to begin your journey into midwifery.



  • Two Roads Into Midwifery: The Nurse-Midwifery Route and The Direct-Entry Route

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  • Spotlight on the Practitioner:

    The Spiritual Calling of Direct Entry Midwife Shelly Girard by Cordelia Satterfield Hanna,BA, CCE, CBA

    Spotlight on the Practitioner: A Certified Nurse-Midwife's Journey by Cordelia Satterfield Hanna,BA,CCE,CBA

  • Opportunities for the Study of Midwifery

  • Midwifery Organizations: U.S., Canada & Europe

  • Getting Started: Suggestions on How an Aspiring Midwife Can Begin Her Journey-NEW! Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Becoming a Certifed Professional Midwife (National Certification) or California Licensed Midwife

  • Resources for Aspiring Midwives: Study Groups, Books, Organizations

  • Opportunities & Items : "Midwives Seeking Apprentices" and "Apprentices Seeking Mentors" also Birth-Related Items for Sale or Trade -NEW!

  • Midwifery-Related Websites

  • What's Happening in Southern California

  • Southern California Birth Support Providers

  • How To Know if You're A Midwife (A Quiz)


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